9/12/2021 Thrive Global Magazine Maya McNulty of Covid Wellness: “Don’t ever let anyone dim your flame”

9/6/2021 Authority Magazine:  Maya McNulty of Covid Wellness: The Power of Flexibility How I Was Able To Pivot To A New Exciting Opportunity Because Of The Pandemic


9/1/2021 Perth Australia: Greatness Engineering Magazine

8/10/2021 ABC News: “Louis Finley reports ~ “This weekend, Maya McNulty and people across the nation are marching to bring more awareness and call for action to help the millions of people who are considered long-haulers. They’re calling for prioritization in the America Rescue Plan and support for children whose loved ones have died from Covid.”

“We’ve etched the stone and we’re being heard now,” McNulty said.”


31st Anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act ADA recognize Long Covid as a disability.…/help-could-be-on-the-way-for…/


7/30/2021 The Greatest Engineering Podcast:

7/25/2021 Thrive Global Magazine Covid Wellness and Health Care:

7/14/2021 Authority Magazine

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7/1/2021 Blog Post

6/24/2021 Empire Report New York:…/

6/14/2021 Mommy Mindset Summit


5/12/2021 Not Another Mother Runner Podcast: Today is a very special episode

Maya talks about her journey into COVID at a time where we didn’t even know what COVID really was.

This woman is incredible. When you hear her tell her story it will inspire you to know how truly strong we are. This women’s spirit is unbreakable.


YouTube link in the bio to watch



5/12/2021 Courageous Magazine May, 2021 article in Courageous Woman magazine publisher @TelishiaBerry

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5/4/2021   Maya McNulty, Founder at Covid Wellness/ UpTheBiz  Growth Exponential Podcast…/maya…/id1548850923…

4/29/2021 Walk with me podcast: Honored to have been a part of the “Walk With Me Podcast”


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4/9/2021 Great fun! I was a guest on the podcast The Tim Gillette Show.…/maya…/id1507726693…


4/1/2021 ABC April 1, a new month with plenty of opportunities.

It’s up to you to shift your attitude and mindset.

Post Covid-19 recovery 10 months and 1 week ago, I was in a wheelchair, scooting around with my walker for 29 weeks, and needed a cane to assist with walking. I’m grateful for the expert and excellent medical care I received both in the hospital and at home.

” She believed that she could and so she did !”…/local-woman-continues…/



3/14/21 One Year Post Covid-19 Survivors Journey:…/niskayuna-woman-recounts…/6041649/



3/9/21 My survival story post Covid-19 recovery one year later testing positive on Spectrum News Channel 9…/long-hauler-s-long-road…


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2/11/21 The Butterfly Effect- A women’s empowerment series, sponsored YWCA


2/8/2021 The Greatest Engineering Podcast…/1qhZ5ODr2JT29LczNZSF…/view…

YouTube Channel ( to watch the full episode. You will surely be inspired by Maya story!!






12/26/2020 WRGB CBS 6 News, Albany was gracious enough to feature a post Covid recovery story in hopes it will save lives, give hope and bring light where there is darkness.

You can watch…/covid-19-survivor-shares-her…


12/25/2020 CBS interview…/covid-19-survivor-shares-her…

10/21/2020  Coffee break show — with Maya McNulty and Vickie Helm.

10/14/2020 Her Life Magazine Check out the digital version by clicking right here


11/11/2020 ABC News…/from-ventilator-to-victory-a…/

8/10/2020 Times Union:

8/3/2020 CBS NEWS: Discuss Covid and neurological issues.…/coronavirus-covid…/…


5/29/2020 CBS NEWS


5/30/2020 NBC NEWS: Niskayuna woman welcomed home after surviving coronavirus coma…/maya-mcnulty-coronavirus…/5745214/…




5/29/20 NBC News

5/29/2020 WNYT NEWS Channel 13  Welcome home parade